Architect Ahmed Khalifa & Interior Designer Shereen Helmy


By Nile El Wardani

Ahmed Khalifa (Architect) and Shereen Helmy (Interior Designer) are a young husband and wife team that is beating the odds and making a name for themselves in Egypt and soon internationally. The headquarters of their architectural firm KH Studio located in Heliopolis is in itself a testament of what they stand for; cutting edge, clean lines, natural robust yet alluring materials, sophisticated, state-of-the-art, functional, comfortable andaesthetically appealing. They have been inspired by renowned interior designers and architects such as Mies Van Der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Kelly Hoppen and Sir Norman Foster.

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The New Hermopolis—A Cultural Village


By Nile El Wardani

The New Hermopolis is a cultural village, which is the vision and creation of the social alchemist Dr. Mervat Nasser. Coined by Nasser, social alchemy refers to transmutation of society through the Unity of Being as a fundamental principle that leads one to the desire of helping humanity to evolve into greater perfection.

The New Hermopolis aims to capitalize on the unique spiritual and cultural heritage of this ancient city towards the economic, spiritual and cultural revival of a largely neglected and impoverished fragile fragment of Egypt.

Alchemy, which originally comes from the Arabic word “Al Kimiya” (300 BC) literally means “the transmutation” was adopted by the Arabs from the Alexandrians and thence spread to Europe via Spain in 711 AD. Nasser was drawn to this spiritual location, once the ancient city of Hermopolis, located near Tuna El Gebel, Mallawi, El Minia.

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Hidden Grandeur

First published by Obelisque Magazine, Cairo, Egypt. Click on photo below to read article.  I would like to express my apologies for not including the names of Miss Nihal El Mogi and Miss Naela El Mogi – the daughters of the late General Salah El Mogi – along with Mr. Yousef El Mogi, son of General Salah El Mogi – in this article. Hidden Grandeur