Can the American government dupe the world again? Is war really necessary?

The American government changed its justification for military action against Iraq three times. Each time it was a lie. First WMDs. Then to relieve the Iraqi people of a horrendous dictator and finally to usher in democracy. Eleven years after the start of the Iraq war the world knows the true motive for American military action was – in a word – OIL. 

Now it is Syria’s turn. Connecting the dots and paying attention to the modus operandi of the American government, I remain totally unconvinced that the use of chemical weapons is the true justification for US military action against Syria. 

Today, world leaders and journalists at the G20 Summit questioned Obama on many points but not one person questioned American justification – the “use of chemical weapons on civilians.”  As if by divine right – there could be no other justification (hidden or unsaid) that Americans may have?  

It remains a mystery to me how the international community, top journalists and the most powerful leaders on Earth can swallow this justification whole without even questioning Obama on other possible motives for military intervention. Did no one learn anything from the American propaganda machine surrounding Iraq? 

As I have stated previously, the US historical record does not reveal a country that is deeply concerned about the use of chemical weapons against civilians. The Americans used chemical weapons during the Viet Nam war and murdered tens of thousands dropping the nuclear bomb on Japanese civilians. 

Today at the close of the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, leaders of the world’s most powerful nations were deeply divided over whether to take military action against Syria. The G20 was dubbed the G10 + 10, the divide was so real. 

The Russian people were surveyed. Nearly 100% of Russians are against military action and President Putin stands with them calling for peaceful alternatives. South Africa, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Egypt, UK, Italy, Germany, and most of the world stand against any form of military action in Syria. There are political tools that have not yet been employed. For example, the UN Security Council can firstly set an ultimatum with the Syrian government, asking them to sign an international treaty against all forms of chemical weapons and the turn over all CW stockpiles within 30 days or face military action. 

The British Parliament voted against any military action in Syria. Despite this, UK Prime Minister David Cameron continues to verbally back the American stance for war, very much against the will of the British people who are overwhelming against any military action. 

The French people have been polled. Two-thirds are against military force. Despite this the French government is rallying behind the Americans. So much for representative government. And the same goes for America where 75% of Americans are against military action. Despite this, President Obama is determined to take military action.

Questioned at length at the G20 Summit, Obama looked exhausted and the more he spoke the less convincing he became, until I could no longer stand it, “Obama why are you doing this? Who are you? You are betraying your very being! You don’t have to do this.” I shouted at the TV.

Obama is doing his best to sell the war to the American public. John Kerry has been on the Sunday morning TV circuit also “selling” the war to the American public. Most Americans are not buying it. Maybe we are getting smarter.  

Obama was asked directly (two times) during the Summit, “If Congress fails to authorize war, what will you do?”  He refused to answer the question directly, twice. Instead he answered, “Did you think I would change my answer? I repeat. I think we will be more effective and stronger if Congress authorizes this action.”

Minutes later he said, “I think it is the right thing to do (go to war). It is better for our democracy. I think we should go ahead. When you start talking about chemical weapons, those images of those bodies can be quickly forgotten. I am trying to impart a sense of urgency on this. We cannot condone a sense that a country can get away with something (use of chemical weapons) like this.”   

I ask you, where and from whom is Obama getting this gargantuan push to enter into yet another war in the Middle East? Who will benefit? Who will loose? What will it cost? What are the REAL reasons? Not the propaganda justifications? We all must demand answers to these questions. 

Mark my words, the justification of chemical weapon use is another fat lie. It is only for public consumption, justification and support. 

Surely our memory is not so short. We must not be duped again. 


One thought on “Can the American government dupe the world again? Is war really necessary?

  1. Two weeks ago Henri Kissinger was interviewed by The Washington post, he said “if you don’t her the drums of war rolling, you must be deaf”, he poured his venom on how it is the chance now for the USA to remain The Only Super Power, putting Putin and Russia back in place and recreating a Middle East that serves better American interests as a superpower.
    As simple a this in all the complexity of the situation and the hell awaiting us all in t his area and the ret of the world

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