Official Response of the Egyptian 6 April Youth Movement

Official Response of the 6 April Youth Movement to Wednesday’s events:

(This statement is somewhat different than the statement of the ECFA (see previous post). Both have legitimate claims.)

The Egyptian blood that was spilled in our country in the events of Black Wednesday proves that Egyptian blood is still worthless even after the great January revolution. In fact, it has become completely without value after the third wave of the revolution on the 30th June.

It has become apparent that the sides striving for power have little concern for the lives of Egyptians and will not hesitate to use the corpses of the Egyptian people as a ladder to reach their goals. The Muslim Brotherhood leaders sacrificed the lives of their followers for the sake of power, and the security forces did not hesitate to prey on those lives with all their violence and brutality.
The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the interim government chose a bloody conflict to achieve their respective political gains: the system to further its grip on power and the Muslim Brotherhood leadership to play politics with the lives of its followers. There is no clearer evidence for this than the timing of the dispersal which came the morning before the Al Azhar Initiative to exit the conflict. This proves that the leaders of the parties involved preferred the use of uninhibited violence instead of a political solution to deal with a political conflict.

The 6 April Youth Movement condemns the use of force to disperse the Raba’a and Nahda protests, the violence witnessed by Egypt’s provinces, as well as the attacks on Coptics, churches and police headquarters which led to many deaths and injuries. The movement confirms that a political solution is the only way to exit the current crisis and return to the path of democracy which will pave the way for the goals of the revolution stated by Dr. El Baradei. Violence will only lead to more violence and to the deterioration of the situation.

The 6 April Youth movement warns against the abyss of violence that the Egyptian people are descending into with all of their sects, institutions and individuals, government and opposition, majority and minorities, all for the sake of power that is temporary and fake glory built on the corpses of fellow Egyptians. The movement confirms that any policies which deepen the wound of the nation will pose a threat to future national security.

May God protect Egypt and the Egyptians.

The 6 April Youth Movement
Patriotism over politics, and principles over interests.


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