tahrir1Hubbard’s Article on NY Times

If someone wants to understand what is going on in Egypt he has to ,more importantly, read what Egyptians are saying in their own newspapers. Relying on analysis by Ny Times or WP etc…. Is not sufficient. There’s a lot of opinion and analysis by respected unbiased Egyptian researchers, but it is in Arabic. If you don’t read what is written in Arabic, you cannot begin to understand what is going on in Egypt.

What happened in Egypt does not fit the West’s established paradigm of civilian vs military Or secular vs religious. A much broader and deeper look is needed to understand why 30 million people decided to save their country from the grips of an international MB organization that successfully manipulated a sham democratic process that followed the January 25 revolution. Egyptians had decided to be patient and give the MB their fair chance at governing, but especially with the blatant illegal November constitutional declaration that immunized the presidents decisions from any legal oversight, and the virulent attempts to destroy the judiciary by trying to remove 3000 judges through passing a law by a temporary legislative body (shoura) lacking legitimacy, it became clearer and clearer that they were in the grips of an international mafia that was trying to destroy Egypt from within.

The lawlessness in Sinai and the free rein given to terrorists there completed the grim picture of what was really going on, especially when the attack and killing of 16 army soldiers last Ramadan was left unresolved and unpunished, in addition to the incredible incomprehensible tolerance of the hundreds of tunnels built by Hamas for the illegal crossing of people, arms, Egyptian subsidized petroleum products etc..to and from Gaza ( governed by another branch of the international MB).

Then came the unbelievable fiasco with the building of the Ethiopian dam that threatens Egypt’s very existence and the irresponsible and “comic” way it was dealt with on live television.

Egyptians realized more and more that their vital national security interests were in extreme danger and the threat, incredibly, was coming from their own government.

On top of that, came the unbelievable hate rhetoric being spewed with official blessing by the President’s supporters in mass rallies attended by him. All the opposition as well as Christians, and even Shiites, were publicly insulted in those rallies as “infidels” whose lives could be taken legitimately. ( sure enough a few days after such a rally, a whole Shiite family in a Cairo suburb was brutally murdered.)

All the while , due to the incompetence of the MB government which the President insisted was doing a great job, the economy was spiraling rapidly downwards pushing millions of Egyptians deeper into extreme poverty.

Anger was rising within all segments of the population, but the President turned a blind eye and a deaf ear refusing to listen to the complaints of the people. Given that he was democratically elected for four years, the rising demand from all sectors of society coalesced into a demand for early presidential elections. That was the peaceful way to resolve the impasse. And to show that this demand was widely supported, the Tamarod campaign took off, obtaining 22 million signatures demanding early presidential elections and announcing a popular demonstration on June 30 if this demand was not met. Still the president and MB refused to give in to this reasonable demand. The army, seeing the rising swell of discontent and fearing a bloody confrontation, a week before june 30 called on the President to resolve the issue through compromise. The President ignored this. He was then given another two days ultimatum by the army after 30 million Egyptians took to the streets peacefully on June 30. The president said ” over my dead body”.

That is, in a nutshell, how we came to this day.

Each one can judge for himself whether Egyptians and their army should have waited for another three years …….

But as seen on June 30 and again on JTahrir Square Millionsuly 6 the overwhelming majority of Egyptians took to the streets, deciding that their country had to be saved NOW.


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