The Egyptian Revolution is about Egyptian Interests and Identity and NOT “American Interests”

Correction: Many Western people believe that Morsy was fairly elected by the Egyptian people. This is what the US administration is parroting to justify their continued support of Morsy (their new puppet).  This could not be further from the truth. The Egyptian election process that took place two years ago (2011) after the fall of Mubarak was Unfair, Corrupt, Manipulated and Undemocratic. It is not accurate to say that the Egyptian people elected Morsy. They did not. The election process was totally rigged from the very first round when 13 candidates were on the ballot. Tens of Millions of Egyptians were prohibited from voting inside Egypt. Another 7.5 Million Egyptians outside Egypt were prohibited from voting (including me). The elections were rammed through in a matter of months (by the US administration with the support of SCAF) and this insured that the top 2 run-off parties would be the NDP and MB and not any of the other 11 smaller and newly established parties. This rigging sealed the deal and continued into the second round. The Carter Foundation (international observers) left Egypt after the first round because they saw that the process was corrupt and rigged and therefore they could not continue to fairly observe in such a situation.

As of today June 30, 2013 – More than 22 Million Egyptian people (including me) signed a petition stating our discontent for the Muslim Brotherhood and demanding that Morsy and the MB step down. Even in a rigged election Morsy only got 13 Million votes total, far less than those who are calling for him to step down now. You have seen on TV Millions of Egyptians peacefully take to the streets in the past three days asking for the same. Again the US government is interfering. The US has told Morsy to stay firm and not step down. The US has once again ignored the calls of the vast majority of Egyptian people. The US has once again defaced democracy.

The US government should stay out of Egypt’s internal affairs completely. That means not backing Morsy nor the Military SCAF. Not calling for early elections, as Obama has done yesterday. That mean Not taking any stand at all. That means letting Egyptians control their own destiny without intrusion.  Urging early elections is what the US did 2 years ago. It was a horrendous mistake and now Obama has done it again. South Africa took 2.5 years to get ready for elections and the US supported this. Why did the US push for quick and early elections in Egypt in 2011? Why are they doing it again? To control the outcome.  The US has always depended on an Egyptian puppet/leader to do its bidding and uphold “American Interests” over Egyptian interests.The US will accept either the NDP or the Muslim Brotherhood, so long as the leader/puppet is compliant. This explains why the US was willing to back the MB.

The main goal was to make sure real democracy did not take hold in Egypt. Why? A truly democratic Egypt will eventually change the face of the entire Middle East and certainly Egypt right away. Egypt will be for Egyptians and not another pawn of American interests, American markets, American political maneuvers and one of America’s largest loyal weapon’s clients.  All this will stop with real democracy in Egypt. Egypt does not need American AID in the form of F-16 bombers and tear gas that makes us sick.  America can keep your $1.4 Billion/ year in military hardware to Egypt. We don’t want it. We have no interest in waging war with anyone. We want peace. We want bread, justice, freedom and democracy.

This is exactly why Egypt needs to take its time and learn from examples (Portugal, Spain and So. Africa when under transition). 1.) Egypt must Create and Usher in an Interim Civilian Government 2.) Utilize Egyptians experts and lay persons from all spheres to write a new Constitution 3.) Outline a democratic political process that is fair and open 4.) Then (and only then) Call for elections that must be fair for all candidates (regulated equal money and media time for all candidates, limited 3 months for campaigning, rank-order voting, etc.) and open to international observation and 5.) By all means TAKE the needed TIME 1-3 years to do this all accurately and methodically.  Don’t rush. Do it right. Learn from the best. Learn from the worst and don’t do it. Take this opportunity to outline a truly open consensual and democratic system for Egypt’s future generations. Include ALL segments of Egyptian society in this process, at all times, at all levels, for all.

Generally, this is what the revolution was demanding two years ago. The Egyptian people have not rested. They have not and will not give up on their country. They will continue to press for democracy.  They must be given the chance to fulfill this desire and promise. If the US or any other nation does not support this – then simply stay out – don’t do a damn thing. The Egyptian Revolution is not about “American Interests” it is about “Egyptian Interests.”


5 thoughts on “The Egyptian Revolution is about Egyptian Interests and Identity and NOT “American Interests”

  1. Just came back from Tahrir where democracy at its best was acted out …where Egyptians needed no one but themselves to declare freedom and self determination. The lies of CNN and its puppet BBC that it was a military coup is a total farce and once again serving nothing but their interests…thanks nile for your contribution in pointing this out. Long live egypt
    Strong and FREE.

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