Response – American Chris Stone is stabbed by homeless Egyptian man outside American Embassy – Why?

First I want to send Chis Stone and his family my very best wishes.

Second, I want to tell Mahmoud Badr that your action was absolutely despicable. Violence is always wrong. You chose to hurt an American man (Chris Stone) who is one of Egypt’s best friends. Chris and other Americans like him deeply care about Egypt and the Middle East. It is people like Chris that have made the commitment to study and learn Arabic (not easy) and to advocate and care about what is happening in Egypt and the ME. Violence is never the right way to make your concerns heard. Mahmoud you are educated. There are many groups you could have worked with for the good of Egypt.  You should start by publicly apologizing to Chris and the American people, but most of all you should apologize to all Egyptians because your stupid action will hurt Egypt more than anyone else. Your crime will make people afraid to visit our beautiful country Egypt. I hope that you will find a way in prison to do something constructive for the good of our beloved Egypt. You have made yourself famous by this crime, now use your name to do something good and honorable in front of God and your country Egypt.

Third, Egyptians and people around the world should know that many Americans are just as angry (as Egyptians) at the US Government for the US Foreign Policies that have so damaged Egypt and the ME for decades. These damaging policies include; economic, agricultural, educational, foreign and domestic policies. Many of the neo-liberal-capitalist policies that have been imposed upon Egypt by the US Government, WB and USAID (for decades) are in part responsible for the enormous unemployment in Egypt among the youth. Mahmoud Badr is one concrete outcome of these criminal policies. The US Government is also responsible for propping up dictators for 60 years in Egypt. They and the US have turned Egypt into a “soft state” with little rule of law and enormous corruption. The US Government has been the vital partner to these dictators, who could not have wielded such power and corruption without the US Government backing. Many Americans are against the US Government on these awful policies and we are trying our best to educate other Americans and especially our government.

Fourth, Americans need to know that most Egyptians see the US as a counter-revolutionary force in Egypt. Americans like myself and Chris Stone and many others are against the US policies that have totally undermined and hijacked the AMAZING EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION. Such policies are wrong, short-sighted and criminal. Egyptians are rightfully angry at the US Government for undermining their grass-roots revolution, supporting the SCAF and MB and forcing quick elections that could easily control the end result. The American Government must not continue to speak of democracy and undermine democracy at the same. The people see right through it. They are wise, even those who are illiterate. American criminal foreign policies lead to hatred and more criminality. This tragic incident is a clear outcome. (See: Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think by John Esposito and Dalia Mogahed – Gallup Press)  This extensive study done by the US Gallup Organization gives the answer. The No. 1 reason why Muslims are angry with the US is  – US Foreign Policy.

Fifth, as an American and an Egyptian I can only hope and work towards better American foreign policies that are just, honest, and truly uphold democratic and ethical standards (they currently do NOT). Most importantly the US government must support the Egyptian people and not another American puppet regime in Egypt. 

Finally, I am saddened by this incident and want to tell the world that this is not at all representative of Egypt nor Egyptians. As a woman, I still feel safer in Egypt than most places in the world and certainly safer than Los Angeles (my home in the US).

May God Bless Egypt and May God give the American Government some wisdom to change the US criminal foreign policy paradigm and begin really supporting the people of Egypt rather than propping up another puppet regime that will do the bidding for “American interests” rather than the interests of the Egyptian people to live in peace, prosperity and honor.


Ahram Online, Friday 10 May 2013
Homeless Egyptian stabs an American near US embassy in Cairo

The man who stabbed an American in Cairo on Thursday says he was motivated by a hatred of the United States.

Mahmoud Badr, 30, who holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, was arrested on Thursday after stabbing American academic Chris Stone in the neck outside the US embassy in Cairo.
Badr told interrogators that he took his mother’s knife, travelled to Cairo by train from Kafr El-Sheikh, and went to the US embassy in search of an American citizen to kill, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported on Friday.

Badr attempted to enter the embassy by pretending to be seeking a visa.
Stone, an associate professor of Arabic and head of the Arabic Programme at City University in New York, was going to the embassy to finish some paperwork for his wife.
Badr told interrogators that he asked Stone his nationality then stabbed him in the neck when he said he was American.

He said his motive was anger against the United States.
Prosecutors have ordered Badr’s detention pending investigations into charges of attempted murder.

According to Al-Ahram Arabic new website, the knife was successfully removed from Stone’s neck during an operation.

Chris Stone was recently appointed head of the US-based Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) by the American University in Cairo (AUC).
He has been praised for his pro-Palestine views and his interest in Arab culture.
Egyptian man who stabbed Stone in Cairo: I hate America

Mahmoud Badr says he stabbed Chris Stone outside US Embassy in Cairo because he hates the United States


2 thoughts on “Response – American Chris Stone is stabbed by homeless Egyptian man outside American Embassy – Why?

  1. I am soo saddened by this act of violence the roots of which should be studied meticulously at a political and psycho-social level.
    It certainly is highly representative of the love and hate patterns underlining massive discontent on the international scene, characterrising countries strained vital relations, into a highly symbolic and individual pattern of anger and expression of injustice, too obvious nit to address and further ignore

    Dr Wardani outlined the ill policies that are leading to such unfortunate and unacceptable behavior every now and then

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