The American Embassy in Cairo Building Walls and Burning Bridges for Peace

421913_470226029710946_1108774551_nAll around Tahrir Square the roads have been blocked off by cement barriers. Art work is appearing on them. The barriers are erected by the Egyptian Army at the request of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Government and the US Embassy who support them. The neighborhood of Garden City, once the most upscale in Cairo, is now blockaded. The American and British Embassies have been there for decades. Although they do own the land on which the Embassies stand they are now controlling the streets all around the Embassies for their security. The Egyptian people are fed up. They cannot visit friends. They cannot get to work. The stores and businesses cannot function. People that live in Garden City have difficulty even getting to their homes. It is beginning look like Israeli check points. It is clear that embassies that need HUGE security and feel they NEED to control Egyptian neighborhoods and streets, are becoming hated and despised. Recently the cement blocks surrounding the UK embassy were tagged “Murders and Thugs” “Get OUT of Egypt. We don’t want you anymore” “Imperialists GET OUT” The messages are clear. The US and UK are not making friends in Egypt with their paranoia and fear and control. Embassies such as Japan, Austria, Canada, etc. are not interfering in Egypt’s revolution and have nothing to fear and therefore do not need to erect cement barriers around them. There is direct correlation between cements barriers and the support given to the Muslim Brotherhood. Figure it out!!