For Americans who are confused and asking: Who are the Bad Guys in Egypt?

For Americans who are confused and asking: Who are the Bad Guys in Egypt?
Posted on December 9, 2012

Many American friends have asked me “Who are the bad guys? I am confused.” Here is your answer: The Bad Guys are The Muslim Brotherhood + The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) the Egyptian Military who are essentially ONE – they are together and trying to continue to DICTATE Egypt under a new Dictator Mohamed Morsy. Unfortunately Washington DC is supporting Morsy and wants another Dictator-Ally in Egypt. Nothing new. DC is comfortable with Egyptian dictators that do what DC wants and serve “American interests” rather than the interests of their own people the Egyptians. As an American, I believe DC is wrong in its calculations. The ongoing policy of supporting a dictator in Egypt will NOT serve “American interests” in the long term. It is time for DC to have a paradigm shift and really think about what will serve the American interests. A democratic Egypt will ultimately be a great ally for the US.

Who are the Good Guys? The Egyptians on the street who are opposing dictatorship. My son and I have been in Tahrir Square along with our family members and most of our friends. We are the people who want freedom, democracy, equal rights for all, justice, clean and fair elections, etc. Is that clear enough? We represent at 75% of all Egyptians. There are 90 million Egyptians. Estimates range from 3 to 8 million Muslim Brotherhood (a clear minority and a very poor minority). There is an approx 15-25% of Egyptians that are uneducated and do not know where they stand politically. They are poor and very easily swayed and bought off by the Muslim Brotherhood with a bit of money or even some oil and sugar. The MB is established and organized and they are mobilizing all the time to recruit more members through bribes and the false promise of religious piety. This is dangerous. The Egyptian government under the past dictator Mubarak failed (for 30 years) to raise the standard of living of the people. They were neither educated or nor given work and so poverty is at an all time high which is a fertile ground for the MB and their recruiters.

Only through an open democratic process and qualified educated leadership can Egypt begin to grow politically, economically and socially. Only through such means can the poor rise out of poverty, through investment in education and creating jobs (rather than destroying jobs by signing IMF loans that do away with jobs by the millions through the attached conditions). Egypt is filled with educated specialists in every sector who can lead Egypt to prosperity – if they are allowed to do so. Mohamed ElBaredai is one such person. There are many other highly qualified Egyptian citizens and moderates who should be taken seriously by the Americans in DC.

We Egyptians are on the streets because we don’t want our beloved Egypt to go backwards. We do not want this new Constitution rammed down our throats in a referendum Dec. 15th. We do not trust that the referendum will be clean or fair. We believe it will surely be rigged. This new Constitution was written by a Constitutional Assembly that is a NOT at all representative of the Egyptian people. It was essentially written by the Muslim Brotherhood who do not represent the vast majority of Egyptians. It does not represent the diversity of Egyptians by any means.

Morsy and his clan have refused to STOP the referendum vote and allow for a representative assembly to draw up a Constitution that represents all Egyptians. We are better off keeping the Constitution of 1971 that now stands rather than This new Constitution which takes Egypt backwards in so many ways.

Egyptians will never give up. We will not allow our country to become like Saudi Arabia. This is not the character of Egypt or the Egyptian people. It has never been. Egypt is a nation that is 7000 years old and we have always been free until recent years under Western colonization followed by Western backed dictators. If the Muslim Brotherhood is allowed to take over Egypt – the US will have more enemies than ever. This is NOT in America’s interest. Eventually the OIL will run out and we (the entire world) will have to rely on alternative energy sources (let’s do it now, not later). Eventually the Israeli Likud Party will have to give up Occupation of the Palestinian people. The occupation is untenable for Israel to carry on and not good for the Israeli people who want to live in security and peace. Eventually Israel must become interested in real peace with its neighbors, who are more than willing to make peace. Eventually the Saudi Royals will have to give up their positions of power and repression. When their oil runs out the Americans will dump them and stop protecting them. The Saudi people also yearn for freedom from repression. Eventually they will get it. The Saudi Royals would be wise to usher in freedom and democracy on their own rather than wait for their fate. The same goes for Qatar and its Royals.

The biggest obstacles to Egypt’s freedom and democratic emergence are: the Muslim Brother, the SCAF, combined with American, Saudi and Qatari support of the MB and SCAF. The US, SA and Qatar are undermining democracy in an effort to keep the status quo i.e. control over the OIL by the US and Saudi and Qatar Royal’s control over their countries and even their own survival as royals. The Americans, the Saudis and the Qatars are standing in the way of history and the eventual freedom of Egypt and the entire region. It is absolutely clear that this is the WILL OF THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE – FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

The people of the ME region want peace, security and prosperity. It is time the world side-lined the extremists (including Israel’s Likud Party, Hamas, the Saudi Royals, Qatari Royals, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda) and supported policies that will bring peace to the people of the region and the ENTIRE WORLD. The corporations (Lockheed Martin, Bechtel, SAIS, etc.) that are making HUGE PROFITS from the ongoing wars – must eventually come to realize they can and must make money by WAGING PEACE. The cost of preparing one US solider for Afghanistan is $1 million. The cost of producing one mobile hospital is $1 million. The same corporations that build weapons of war, can make their money producing for peaceful means.

As the epi-center of the Middle East – Egypt must be free. If it is not all the entire world will suffer. It is in the interest of the entire world (the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel included) to help Egypt usher in a free open society that is democratic and serves all the Egyptian people equitably and fairly.

I deplore the world and DC particularly to heed these words. Change the paradigm. Think about peace, democracy, openness, equality and justice in the region. And support it – not another dictator!

Watch this MSNBC Video to the very end. Mona Eltahway gives a very good answer to this question – Who are the Bad Guys in Egypt?


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