The Egyptian Pharaohs would not have approved.

Sunday 24 June, 2012

The Egyptian Pharaohs would’ve approved. As an Egyptian-American I beg to differ!

The Los Angeles Times article (

“Mass appeal” about the newly unveiled “Levitated Mass” of a 350 ton boulder at LACMA certainly did not even attempt to portray the views of the masses of Angelenos. We live three blocks from the Levitated Mass. As sometimes rock climbers, avid travelers and campers worldwide – what was more impressive than the boulder was the massive wide specialized truck (which had at least 40 wheels) which transported the boulder and sat on the grounds for months. My 11 year old son certainly was awe struck by the truck. The boulder, while huge, looks small on the much larger LACMA grounds that are its new home. Perspective is everything! But the real problem my son had was the price tag! “Ten Million dollars! They should have built something for the thousands of kids that live here. They won’t even let us climb it. They should have built a huge swimming pool or better yet paid for our ARTS programs at our schools!” LAUSD, the second largest school district in the country, has an established ARTS program (began in 1880) which is being shredded. No more orchestra, chorus, theater, dance or arts for LAUSD elementary school children, beginning this September 2012. “Levitated Mass” has NO Mass Appeal in the the neighborhood in which it sits. It is a waste of money where much is needed for our children and their education – for a start.



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